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Kecy Hill – In A Tight Spot

giovedì, novembre 21st, 2019

Here is Kecy, our cameleon from Moscow! From a shy smiling beauty to a sulky teenager, a femme d’affaires or a baby doll, Kecy enjoys playing games !

She’s also mad of moutains and travels and get passionated by new healthcare methods and yoga.

Kecy is very nice to work with, she’s sweet, patient, delicate and very attentive to our needs… I know the studio crew dreamt in silence of marrying her… — RUSSIA, 33/23.4/33, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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Little Candy – Slightly Acid

mercoledì, novembre 20th, 2019

Here is a young redhead with a strong character! Little Candy comes from Russia where she is studying law.

She began modeling in Moscow to finance her studies and became involved in the game and the pleasure of seduction ….

Since then, she travels all over the world – and she loves it, to shoot in prestigious places.

She likes to take pictures and meet new people. — RUSSIA, 33/24/35, FAIR, European

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Elin Flame – I Need A Cool Down

martedì, novembre 19th, 2019

Elin Flame comes from St Petersburg where she’s born in 1996.

Elin considers herself as an artist.
“I’m an artist and adore drawing, love travelling, meeting new people and study languages and culture. I do like photography and dream to make one own project when I’ll find models and perfect surroundings (not porn lol)”.

No doubt this beauy will quickly leave the adult scene to go in for her other projects, which makes her presence on iStripper even more cheerful !
— RUSSIA, 33/24/35, RED HAIR, European

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Bad Barbie – I’m Your Doll

lunedì, novembre 18th, 2019

Here is Bad Barbie, from Russia.
Barbie’s beauty is so incredible that it makes her almost unreal… She has slim long legs, a perfect tanned skin, an angel face and amazing deep blue eyes…

She’s a professional dancer and teaches belly dancing and gogo dancing.

she is very interested in naturopathy and devotes a lot of time to creating her own beauty products based solely on natural products.

She is a sweet and empathic woman, a treat to work with ! — RUSSIA, 37/24/36, BLOND, European

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Melena Maria Rya – Back To Home

venerdì, novembre 15th, 2019

Melena Maria Rya is the very definition of hot! Her body is perfect and we know you are going to love watching her get naked. See the nipples on her tiny tits harden as she starts to move and look into her eyes as she takes it all off. Melena has already made a name for herself as a porn star, but now she wants her fans to get to know her on a more personal level as she dances for you in private. — RUSSIA, 33/24.7/31, FAIR, European

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Eva Elfie – Under The Proper Care

venerdì, novembre 15th, 2019

Eva is a cute girl from Moscow, she’s 22. She started her career recently but we can promise her a long career if she’d choose to!

Eva can adopt any style and enjoy any character she has to embody and she express a lot of sensualism.

Apart from modeling, Eva loves classical literature and music, she spends a lot of time cooking for her friends and she devotes the rest of her time playing online video games ! — RUSSIA, 35/24/35, BLOND, European

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Sandra Blonde – Country Maid

venerdì, novembre 15th, 2019

Sandra is 22, she comes from Kiev, Ukraine where shes studies economics.

Sandra’s body is voluptuous; her sweet and clear skin is an invitation to caress her and her lips a promise of pleasure.

She’s quite tall but still love wearing high heels 🙂

She spent a lot of time in our dressing room, amazed by the huge choice of sexy outfits she could wear 🙂

The result is a great range of styles that she embodies like any one else !

— UKRAINE, 33/24/36, BLOND, European

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Stella Cardo – Feeling Horny

giovedì, novembre 14th, 2019

Stella Cardo comes from Odessa, Ukraine. She’s just 21 and a very promising career in front of her!
Stella is tall (1m71), slim (53kg), with long and shiny fair hair, and a vry seductive smile.

She studies in a music school and already has 10 years of piano behind her, and almost the same of dance!

Most of time, Stella prefers to stay at home behind her camera from where she delights cam sites consumers…
It’s a rare chance to have her in our studios and her shows’ quality are even higher than her cam sessions!

Enjoy! — UKRAINE, 36/25.5/34, BLOND, European

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Scyley Jam – Riviera Girl

mercoledì, novembre 13th, 2019

Scyley Jam is a young russian beauty of 21 years old. She lives in Czech Republic.
Scyley is very tall, she has a tatoo on her right shoulder and a beautiful stylized flower tatooed on her left hip.

Scyley loves swimming, doing gymnastics and painting. She loves art in general and ran to the most famous museums in the center of Paris just after she finished shooting for us 🙂

— RUSSIA, 35/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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Milena – A Little Wiggle Room

martedì, novembre 12th, 2019

Milena is from Moscow, where she’s born 26 years ago. She started her career as a model a few years ago and she does it for pleasure (both her and ours :-P)

Milena loves to travel, meet new people, discover new dishes, and explore each country’s fashion!

And she absolutely adooooored our dressing room! And for good reason! Milena can wear any style, from the finest lingerie to the most sophisticated evening dress or mini denim skirts … a real treat for the eyes — RUSSIA, 37/26/36, FAIR, European

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Kristi – Lil’ Miss Innocent

lunedì, novembre 11th, 2019

Kristi comes from Slovakia, she’s 21 since yesterday 🙂

Slim and delicate, Kristi has an incredibly thin and perfect skin, and her angel face expresses a lot of subtle sensuality…

Apart from modeling, Kristi plays the guitar, loves to sing and dance and does a lot of sports, including skiing, another of her passions!

A wonderful find for the iStripper team and a must have for your collection ! — SLOVAKIA (Slovak Republic), 33/25.8/34, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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Jenny Wild – Cumfy Outfit

venerdì, novembre 8th, 2019

Here is Jenny Wild, pure beauty from Czech Republic born 19 years ago.
Jenny has all we can dream of when thinking of Czech girls… blue eyes, blond hair, clear perfect skin, little cute face and a real confidence and freedom with their body and sexuality.

Jenny even told us that she regularly go to swingers clubs 😛

She dreams of becoming a air hostess, as she feels nowhere better than when flying…
— CZECH REPUBLIC, 28.1/24/31, BLOND, European

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Belka – Hottest Day Of Summer

venerdì, novembre 8th, 2019

Belka comes from Odessa, Ukraine, where she’s born 21 years ago. She’s new in the adult modeling and carefully select the productions she accepts to work with, which makes her presence on iStripper even more valuable.

Belka’s beauty is very closed to perfection. Tall, slim, delicate, sensual, smiling, Belka is also a very good performer with many years of dancing lessons behind her.

Apart from modeling, Belka is a professional painter, specialized in Cubism.
And for the little story, Belka only drives Motos! It means a lot about her personnality 🙂

She is our “Coup de Cœur” of the week! — UKRAINE, 35/24/36, FAIR, European

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Angelika Grays – Deep In Blue

venerdì, novembre 8th, 2019

Angelika comes from Ukraine, where she learnes and teaches how to strip and does a lot of yoga. She has a cute innocent face and a very sensual body!

She’s the kind of person who watches carefully over herself and is able to spread a lot of positive energy all around her and working with her is simply a delight.

— UKRAINE, 35/25.5/35, BLOND, European

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Gia Ren – Mistress Gia

giovedì, novembre 7th, 2019

Gia Ren is a hot Spanish beauty from Barcelona where she performs as a Cam girl, most of her time.

Gia loves fantasy, it’s a daredevil who is not afraid of anything!

The only thing she hates in life is Winter! She spends her time running away from cold weather 😛

You can trust her to warm your heart! — SPAIN, 37/27.6/37, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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The Red Fox – A Moment Of Clarity

mercoledì, novembre 6th, 2019

Calling herself The Red Fox, this beauty from the Ukraine considers herself a performance artist.

Yes, she is a stripper but every dance is intimate to her and she wants it to be incredibly intimate for you to watch.

The Red Fox studied Art History and Acting at University which is when she started dancing erotically to pay for tuition. Soon she found it more pleasurable to dance on stage and feel the sexual energy generated by the crowd, then to study from a book all day.

And that is when The Red Fox was created. Now you can enjoy every curve of her body and every roll of her hip as often as you want when you download her world famous stage shows. — UKRAINE, 35/24/35, RED HAIR, European

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Baileys – The Vamp

martedì, novembre 5th, 2019

Here is our new Diva, named Baileys. One meter eighty, long brown hair, intense blue eyes and infinite legs.

Sometimes femme fatale, sometimes reserved, full of surprises, and very playful, this incredible woman has the ability to transport you in a few seconds in her vibrant and expectional erotic universe. — RUSSIA, 37/26/38, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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Skye Blue – A Short Story

lunedì, novembre 4th, 2019

Skye Blue comes from New York. She’s 22 and already spent 2 years modeling! Skye is very slim with long legs, short blond hair, generous breast and clear blue eyes.

She has worked for Playboy and Penthouse and love being naked and watched more than anything.

Skye is sparkling, natural, generous, funny and very appealing ! We spent three incredible days with her! She particularly loved getting dressed and disguised in our studios and reserves you some adorable surprises…
— UNITED STATES, 34/26/32, BLOND, European

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Avery – Too Much Fun

venerdì, novembre 1st, 2019

IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the shooting crew: One of the most beautiful models we had the chance to welcome on iStripper.

Avery is born in 1997 in Kiev, Ukraine. She’s tall, slim with long hair and an incredible power of seduction…

In life, apart from modeling, Avery teaches English to young kids; she spends the rest of her time cooking and playing piano, her passions.

With Avery, we approach the sublime! — UKRAINE, 33/24/34, FAIR, European

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Angel Sway – Black Ivy

venerdì, novembre 1st, 2019

Angel Sway comes from Kiev, where she works in the fashion universe, her passion.

Angel is a butterfly who progresses in life to the rhythm of her desires. She feels free and has no complex, and it gives her a communicative enthusiasm!

Working for the charm industry is a hobby for her, she likes to seduce and play with the camera, and nobody can force her to do something she does not want.

Let’s hope she we will keep on posing for a while, she has so much to offer! — UKRAINE, 33/23.4/34, BLOND, European

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Josephine Jackson – Frontal Presentation

venerdì, novembre 1st, 2019

Josephine comes from Kiev; she’s 24 years old and still quite unknown in the adult modeling universe… Jo is a real woman, with sensual curves and an amazing breast that reminds me of Viola…

She’s a real chameleon, she can transform and look very different from one outfit to another… she won’t stop surprising you, show after show…

In life, Josephine loves shopping, traveling, having new experiences and meeting smart people to share their philosophy of life… — UKRAINE, 37/26/35, FAIR, European

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Jia Lissa – Black Flame Dreams

giovedì, ottobre 31st, 2019

Nobody on Earth can drive you crazy as fast as Jia Lissa can,… and will!

Here is Jia Lissa, Best Sex Scene” @XBIZ Europa Awards in 2018 and 2019, natural redhead and one of the most hypnotic sensual behaviour and style you will ever have the chance to watch!

Jia is born on September 1, 1996 in Russia, probably a night when Venus and Jupiter got aligned in the sky with all the stars!

She popped up in the adult universe very recently and the biggest international productions rushed to have her in their studios.

Sit comfortably and get ready for one of the most intense and stunning experience you ever had on iStripper! — RUSSIA, 33/25.5/37, RED HAIR, European

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Nici – Play The Game

mercoledì, ottobre 30th, 2019

Nici is back and we know she is going to blow you away with her stage show. Nici says that she couldn’t wait to turn eighteen because all she has ever wanted to do was be a stripper. Now, Nici has perfected the art of erotic dancing. She can move her body like no other and Nici tells us she is as good in bed as she looks! You definitely get what you see with this firecracker so make sure to keep your eyes on this sexy diva. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/24/33, FAIR, Asian

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Alice Wonder – The Eighth Sin

martedì, ottobre 29th, 2019

Here is Alice Wonder, from Ukraine.

She often works as a top model especially for fashion pictures, in Tokyo, Paris and Milan. She travels all the time and has even spent one year in Vietnam.

She stayed two days with us and after 1 full day of shooting, she decided to have a walk to Paris: Eiffel tower, Seine, etc. 3 hours walking before going to bed!

And guess what, on Day 2, she was again full of energy and charm!

No doubt her personality and her shapes are going to amaze you ! — UKRAINE, 33/25.5/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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Kecy Hill – Good Intentions

lunedì, ottobre 28th, 2019

Here is Kecy, our cameleon from Moscow! From a shy smiling beauty to a sulky teenager, a femme d’affaires or a baby doll, Kecy enjoys playing games !

She’s also mad of moutains and travels and get passionated by new healthcare methods and yoga.

Kecy is very nice to work with, she’s sweet, patient, delicate and very attentive to our needs… I know the studio crew dreamt in silence of marrying her… — RUSSIA, 33/23.4/33, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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