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Adela and Her New Favorite Toy

venerdì, Maggio 3rd, 2019
I hadn’t seen Adela since her first lesbian sex scene with Adriana, so I was very pleased to see her slated for a hot solo masturbation scene with a big, fat purple toy. It was kinda like seeing an old fling you used to have a lot of dirty fun with again (yeah I know they are the best).

Again we take this scene to the bedroom (my fave) where Adela’s signature hip gyrating and super perky nipples once again had me in a trance. There is something special about a girl who is so horny she can barely fuck her own self.

And let’s not forget that beautiful hairy bush she carries so well. Just perfect. A nice full bush up top, with no hair where it counts. It’s the best of the old school and the new school all rolled up in one and all I can say is “I Love It”.

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Mili Jay Going Green

venerdì, Aprile 26th, 2019
After seeing Mili Jay for the first time during her super hot lesbian sex scene with teen model Charlie, I knew I had to see this gorgeous ass, I mean model again. Well I am glad that I wasn’t the only one who wanted to see Mili again, as back by popular demand we have Mili Jay and her fantastic ass in this hot solo masturbation scene.

In some instances I will get a little bored if I continue to see the same sets used over and over, and TeenModels does an excellent job of shooting in multiple locations. But there is one set in particular, especially when dealing with hot solo teens and or lesbian sex scenes and that is the bedroom.

I just can’t get enough of seeing a hot young teen and her toy, sprawled out in her bed, with the sheets wrapped around her naked body as she forgets the camera is even there. Damn that sounded good even as I wrote it.

Time for me to get back to more important things like watching Mili Jay, please her sweet pussy with this big green dildo.

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Naughty Charlie

venerdì, Aprile 19th, 2019
I know that I am falling in and out of love each day I get a new girl or girls but can you blame me? The talent and/or what they are doing just seems to be getting better and better.

One week I have a hot teen banging herself with a water bottle and I’m in love, the next week there are two girls banging each other with dildos and I’m in love again.

Well this weeks naughty little angel was Charlie and let me tell you Charlie is ALL woman and ALL legs. They just seem to go on for days! And that ass ? That is self explanatory.

I don’t know about you, but when I see Charlie, she kinda reminds me of a really hot mom. Now I know she is far from being a milf or a cougar, but there is something classy and mysterious about her and I like it (well that and the fact that she fucks her pussy with a ribbed dildo).

The Teen Model crew does it again in this hot solo masturbation exclusive with Charlie and her new toy.


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Little Red Vixen

venerdì, Aprile 12th, 2019
After Lara and Alisa fisting scene sent my mind racing for days, I felt like I was finally settling down when Melissa walked into the room. The first thing that came to my mind “who is this wonderful treat and why in God’s name are we not married.”

Following that was a whole lot of “wows” some “holy shit’s” and a few f bombs, but all in all, Melissa is one fine, fine teen model.

Now I know my opinion is going to be a little biased as I can’t get enough of the super sexy, slim bodied, perky titty bombshells with ass…A.S.S. And Melissa my friend has got it.

Watching this beautiful teen model strip down and play with her hard nipples and sexy pussy was more than I could handle. Of course after I “hand”led myself I was fine, but damn, someone give me a little warning next time.

So on that note (and warning to you) teen model Melissa is not one to be missed.

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Alisa and Lara fisting

venerdì, Aprile 5th, 2019
Anytime we get a chance to shoot a new teen model, that we’ve never shot before is always an exciting day. Especially when that model is as cute as teen model Alisa and even more so when she is accompanied by the lovely Lara.

I mean it’s a proven fact that two are better than one, no? Well if that doesn’t do it for you, maybe the fact that Lara fists Alisa’s tiny little pussy wrist deep may help convince you?

Now that I see I have your attention, get ready for the one of the hottest fisting scenes I have ever seen. I was definitely not prepared for this. I mean it’s one thing when you see a girl “try” to fist another girl and you see the start of all her fingers going in there…still super hot right? Of course it is!!

But when I watched Lara use Alisa’s pussy as a winter mitten and push her hand in and out of that delicate little kitty, you might as well have rendered me unconscious. I don’t think I blinked for 10 minutes.

Needless to say I think you get the picture. See the hottest teen fisting you will ever see, only at


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Kitty Saliery likes her Corn

giovedì, Ottobre 23rd, 2014
I have to say after watching Kitty’s video, you may (or at least I did) have a new found appreciation for plastic fruit and vegetables. Now I know they may be tacky but think of the good things. They don’t attract fruit flies, they never go rotten and if you’re able to find one that is battery operated, like corn on the cob for instance. They make for a very hot teen masturbation video. Now that I think about it, it’s videos like this that would have everyone getting their daily “in” take of fruits and vegetables. At teen models, we don’t just keep you happy, we keep you healthy. Click here for a FREE SAMPLE.

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Mellory shower toy

giovedì, Ottobre 16th, 2014
If you know one thing about teen model Mellory you will know one thing for sure…she is a wild one. The only script she needs is to tell her when the camera is rolling, then it’s time to sit back and make sure you get it on tape.

In this super sexy shower scene, teen model Mellory shows us exactly what happens when the warm water from the shower heads wakes up her pierced kitty. With some great close-ups of her wet pussy it was only fitting that we get a toy in the shower with her.

Sticking the blue bubble dildo on the shower door, Mellory shows us her cock sucking skills before moving to the floor where she rides that blue dildo until she cums. Some amazing close-ups of that blue didlo penetrating her sweet pussy in this hot teen model exclusive.

Check out teen model Mellory in this hot solo masturbation video!

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Summer Fun

giovedì, Ottobre 9th, 2014
On this gloomy summer afternoon, we were all a little bummed that the sun wasn’t out for our shoot with Anita Pearl. But if you’ve seen Anita Pearl before, you’ll know she is all the sunshine you’ll ever need. With her water bottle in hand, it wasn’t long before she dumped that water in the pool, covered it with spit and stuffed it into her sweet little pussy. Can someone please tell me what brand of water that was? If this is what girls do when they drink it, I want to be certain I have a few cases on hand at all times.

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Honey Milk

venerdì, Settembre 26th, 2014
It was a bright and sunny day and the very sexy Honey Lovely decided she really wanted to shoot outside by the pool…How could we say no to such a stunning teen girl? We handed Honey a bottle of baby oil and a box of milk…it was clear by the seductive and flirtatious smile she gave me that she would have no problem handling this task.

She started the scene off by happily basking in the sun topless and in a thong. Soon she began to gently rub the baby oil all over her body starting with her incredible natural D’s – talk about HOT! After that she showered the milk all over…pausing only for a second so she could spread her pussy lips and pour milk directly on her twat. MY GOD! Just watching the milk glide over the contours of her tight pussy could make any man pitch a tent!

But this was only part of the fun she had in store for us! Glistening with oil and milk (and horny as hell by this point) she started stuffing all four fingers into her pussy. She pounded her cunt until she was dripping wet and finally we had the pleasure of seeing her cum all over herself! It was an amazingly hot scene that I will never forget!

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Nikita and Abbie are having too much fun

venerdì, Settembre 26th, 2014
With their towels in hand, Abbie Cat and Nikita H decided they would have a little fun in the tub. But these two were so worked up, they couldn’t even make it into the tub before attacking each other. And lesbian or not, can you blame them? Abbie Cat and Nikita H are hot enough to turn any straight girl gay.

After playing with the shower head and eating each other pussies, Nikita and Abbie show off their cock sucking skills by blowing the the two vibrators they brought. Only when Nikita sucks hers, Abbie is holding it on her pussy to feel the vibration of the toy and watch Nikita on her knees.

But things are just getting warmed up, now pounding their pussies deep and hard, they go side by side, interlocking their legs and making out while they fuck themselves silly. VERY, VERY HOT!

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Alison working on a big cock at the bar

venerdì, Settembre 26th, 2014
Now the million dollar question whenever it comes to teen model Alison has to be are her big beautiful tits fake? or Real? Yes they seem to be unusually large and round, but I don’t see any scars. Yes the scars could be under her arm, but then again when she squeezes them or bends over, they fantastically soft and have real natural hang.

Now one more question, does it really matter when they look and feel that good ? (yeah I know, I’ve never felt them, you got me)

In any event, in this amazing teen model video, Alison plays with those big, beautiful fun bags, before going deep with a MONSTER dildo. This dildo is bigger than her arm and although I would hate to follow that thing in, it sure looks amazing watching her.

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Bridget at poolside

venerdì, Settembre 26th, 2014
Initially when I walked into the pool room I could have sworn Bridget Jolie was sleeping. And to be quite honest, she may have been, but when she began to rub her pussy and take off her bikini, she wasn’t the only thing that got woken up…if you know what I mean.

Initially I thought to myself, why doesn’t this girl open her eyes? As even when they WERE open, they still looked closed. But as the scene progressed, I had to admit, it got hotter and hotter. I guess you could say I’m tired of seeing the over exaggerated fake orgasms, where the girl does nothing but stare at the camera and moan over and over, even when she isn’t doing anything.

Relaxed with her eyes closed, and in her own world, Bridget Jolie has nice hard orgasm in this exclusive solo masturbation video, brought to you by

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Poolside Kitty

venerdì, Settembre 26th, 2014
Ahh Kitty…the name alone makes me smile as it reminds me of two things. One being teen model Kitty who is definitely one of my faves and the other being the ACTUAL kitty itself, which is what I like to refer to when I talk about a girls pussy, and what a beautiful kitty, teen model Kitty has 😉

No razor bumps, no big pussy flaps, just a beautiful pink, tight, pierced pussy. It’s no wonder she wants to play with it, so do I !! Slowly rubbing and playing with herself…like all girls, fingers can only do so much before she needed something stuffed inside of her.

And whether it was a cock or a hair spray bottle, Kitty was going to fuck it. Unfortunately she didn’t opt for the cock, but watching Kitty fuck and suck a hair spray bottle was just as hot if not hotter!!

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Pleasure on the stairs

sabato, Marzo 30th, 2013

Mellory is aching for some attention.
She fully plans on spending as much time as she needs to satisfy that sweet pussy of hers!

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Fun on the chair

sabato, Marzo 30th, 2013

Sera shows off a little skin on this sunny afternoon. All eyes are on Sera as she takes full advantage of this day!

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sabato, Marzo 30th, 2013

Gina is in the kitchen today…she’s not really cooking though. She’s got something else on her mind…

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Fun on the carpet

sabato, Marzo 30th, 2013

Get some 1 on 1 time with Zuza!

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Lucia gets undressed

sabato, Marzo 30th, 2013

Lucia gets undressed…but thats not all!
Get up close and personal with this playful brunette as she sets out to satisfy her sweet pussy!

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Kari getting naked

sabato, Marzo 30th, 2013

Kari is hot and horny! She grabs a toy and away she goes! There is no stopping until total satisfaction is reached!

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Poolside fun

lunedì, Marzo 4th, 2013

Sexy Alexa relaxes by the pool.

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Afternoon fun on the couch

lunedì, Marzo 4th, 2013

Its a lazy afternoon with Zuza…but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any excitement! This girl is fun and frisky!

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Oh that Lea

lunedì, Marzo 4th, 2013

Lea has always been a firm believer that two is better than one.
Why only stuff one hole when you can stuff two? Watch as this playful brunette stuffs herself until she blows with pleasure!

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Sabrina has to go

lunedì, Marzo 4th, 2013

Sabrina will blow your mind when you see her fist her tight ass. Make you stick around for the whole video, and the big finish!

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Gina loves style

lunedì, Marzo 4th, 2013

Gina gets all dolled up just for you! Make sure to see what else she has planned…

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Lena and Lola double fun

venerdì, Gennaio 18th, 2013

Lena and Lola know what it means to have an enjoyable slumber party!
These two hot blondes hold nothing back when it comes to experimenting with each other.
Kissing, fingering, sucking, and shoving their favorite toys in and out of each other is just what they are ready to share with us!
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