Webcam model tips to make more money

As all of you ladies and men know; sex sells. There is always a horny guy or gal online looking for some fun and your there to give it to them. Gathered below are a few tips to help you increase your revenue and garner more regulars.

1.) Set specified hours – for example 10am-2pm and 5pm-1am etc

This makes it easier for your fans to find you online. No one likes to see a “Not Online” screen. Let your fans know your hours. If you decide to stay on longer, well that is more money for you. This works even if you are brand new and do not have any clients yet. They will see your hours and come back if they like what they see (see #7 & #8) Clients love host that are prepared.

2.) Clean yourself up. I cannot think of many people that want to see someone who has just fallen out of bed, not bathed or drunk. Make a good impression. Remember a few drinks are ok to get you loosened up for a show, but please don’t go overboard it will affect your income.

Gorgeous satin sheets! Perfect backdrop for cam models.
3.) Stay focused when you are signed in. Make sure there are no distractions and don’t try to do chores while logged on. I have seen girls doing school work or dying their hair while signed in! It is not worth paying to see and your money will dwindle; if you fall off the path.

4.) This is a job; you’re not sitting around chatting with friends. These are potential paying customers. And believe me some pay very well for your time and undivided attention. Personal time is when you are not online working.

5.) Listen to your customers; remember they are the ones who will potentially be paying you for a private show. If it is something you will not do, be polite and let them know you do not do whatever it is they want. Make suggestions for something else. You never know they may say yes; it happens all the time.

6.) Create a list of acts that you are willing to perform and post them on your performer page (host site) this will weed out those who are looking for something else, thus not wasting your time or theirs. List everything and I mean everything! Just make sure it is legal!

7.) If you do not have a personalized host site, make one. Most of the companies offer each host a page for them to upload photos, tell stories etc. Keep this page updated, upload photos of yourself, being sexy doing things that will arouse your potential customers. Hot photos are a perfect way for customers to find out if they want more and believe me it works.

8.) Write a sexy, naughty bio to place on your site. Give them what they want “sex”, don’t tell them about your problems or issues. They are not counselors. You could tell them that you love doing laundry especially during the spin cycle! You’re giving them something to visualize, but not too much.

9.) Change your look a bit; wear a wig on some sign on time. Have an array of outfits to wear for them. Maybe a nurse, school girl, it is up to you.
Nice backdrop for sexy photos
Wearing one outfit or style all the time is fine, but just as marriage goes, it gets boring after a while. Changing your look often will appeal to a lot of people.

10.) Clean up the area around you, no one wants to see a junky room or the television on in the background! I have seen so many hosts with horrible camera views. It absolutely shocks me. Set up a special area for your host time. No television, unless it’s a porn video that is part of your act. Make sure you have a bed with nice bedding, think home make over type stuff. It’s not expensive; just get a nice comforter and shams. It makes a huge difference. Nothing is more annoying than a host that is sloppy. Keeping your show area nice will show your customers that you take pride in your home and your online time. I dirty workplace is unacceptable DON’T DO IT!

11.) Well I was going to end on #10; however one final MUST is check your camera views. Make sure nothing is in the view that you do not want to be. Never have any personal items out such as mail, where your address could possibly be seen or family photos. I know your thinking you would never do that, but it has happened. Just use your common sense and you will be fine.

I hope my top #11 tips are helpful for you newbie’s or seasoned hosts. Feel free to ask questions, I will be happy to answer them; if I can. Have fun make that cash guys and gals and welcome to the adult industry and the webcam world.

Last modified on Maggio 4, 2015

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