Arina & Vasya

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Arina, Vasya Age:

Arina: Hi, I am a Arina. I am 19, and was born in Kazakhstan, which I left 2 years ago for Moscow in order to work here and live, and hopefully find the man of my dreams. So far the role of the man of my dreams played Vasiliy, whom I met at the disco in one of the clubs in Moscow not far from Taganka place. He is a nice guy! Weve been dating for 6 months, and have decided to participate in a show in order to get money and prize. Thats the issue. Hope you will appreciate my frankness, and give your feedback. Vasiliy: Hello, I am Vasiliy, 20. I live and work in Moscow. On my free time I usually go to the clubs or hiking with my friends. Participating in a show gives me and my girlfriend Arina get extra money for life. We, as many other people, would like to move to a better place to live. As well, an idea of getting naked in front of a third person who is not you partner or a doctor is really thrilling. Arinas friend Masha is making our pictures, so fucking with your girlfriend in front of the camera of another one girl is really cool., Please, vote for us, and we will make any of your wishes to come true.

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