Awfully wrathful gym mistress Fox drives sport pussycat Laura to move incredibly actively in the harness and with a bit stopper

Posted by on Settembre 12, 2012

Harnessed and gagged nude fitness work on an exercise machine

What the hell drives out of wits sports trainers above all things? Stout learnees, unable to carry out six sit-ups one after one? Nay, this is their job to instruct the chubbies and help them become more limber and gracile. Such harlots as Laura drive to distraction such coachers as Fox by chubbing up during action year. Is fuck there something sadder for an aspirational sports dominatrix than her coacher failure?

Fatiguing crouched moving and a number of sit-ups on the practice machine with the stick gag, in the scary stirrup and in the les dom harness are the proper debasement for listlessness and found fat for the sports pussycat in Fox’s opinion. The sport subby must also rub her love bud after working-out. Is this humbled sexercising also an indignity? Laura’s orgasm looks the right answer!

Cane motivation of a naked gymnast slave in a body harness

69 lesdom gymnastics photos and 23 min sports submission movie of gagged and harnessed gymnast babe Laura and irate queen Fox are at!

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