Teresina Peek-A-Boo Outfit

Posted by on Ottobre 16, 2012

24 year old Teresina loves to design and make her own clothes, and she always adds a sensual twist to her creations. “Take this outfit for example,” she says, hopping onto a table and curling her legs beneath her. “It looks like a perfectly normal skirt and tank top, right? But what you can’t really see without looking closely is that the back is cut very low and the material is stretchy. It makes it very easy to pull it down and let my tits out quickly, even with big jugs like mine.”

Tugging at the lacy straps of material on her shoulders, Teresina readjusts her tank top to free her large boobs. With sizable areolas and little nipples that tighten within moments, her tits are nothing short of perfect. “There are other surprises built in to my outfit just like this one. This skirt is fluffy and pretty short, but I have adjusted the waist to make shortening the fabric in the back very simple. It can become a miniskirt so I can show off my panties-or lack of panties-to anyone I want to seduce with just a few small adjustments.”

Rising to her knees on the table, Teresina makes those adjustments and we watch, amused and impressed as her demure skirt hitches up to become a micro miniskirt that shows off her panties and the cheeks of her ass. “Do you like that? It’s even better when I bend at the waist or don’t wear panties. See?” Pulling her underwear down and leaning forward to thrust her bottom into the air, Teresina shows us the sight of her pretty shaved pussy that could greet the unwitting eyes of the man she’s trying to catch with just a few clothing adjustments. We have to admit that it’s pretty incredible! You can check out Teresina’s whole peek-a-boo wardrobe right now only at Nubiles.net, where all of the cutest coeds online are brought to you daily.

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