Mia Gold Bedtime Masturbation

Posted by on Ottobre 18, 2012

23 year old Mia Gold is a sex-crazed coed who has found that she can’t fall asleep at night without cumming. “The only way I can get to sleep every night is to go to bed nude and touch myself until I either cum or fall asleep. There’s something really dreamy and peaceful about late-night sex. I think I’m addicted!” Mia ends another day in her traditional fashion, sliding out of her t-shirt and then her shorts. With no underthings to worry about, Mia is soon naked and ready to hit the sackafter some serious self-pleasure, of course.

Stretching out on her bed, Mia lightly fondles her little nipples until they bud into hard peaks that beg to be pinched. Her long brown hair slides over her shoulders as her head slowly lolls back and forth as desire begins to build deep inside. Continuing her pleasurable assault on her sensitive tits with one hand, Mia slowly lets the other drift down to cup her hot shaved pussy. “Of course I’m always much happier when I have someone else in bed with me to help me get off, but when I’m all alone there’s no reason I can’t still enjoy myself.”

Shifting her position to make herself more comfortable in bed, Mia spreads her legs wide to give herself easy access to her horny twat. Her wetness is easy to see on her fingers as Mia dips into the warmth of her fuck hole and spreads her feminine nectar all over her smooth skin. “I can’t help but get a little but messy when I finger myself. I love the way my juices feel when I spread it everywhere.” Alternating between pressing her fingers deep into her tight sheathe and massaging her tender clitoris, Mia allows her eyes to drift closed as she works herself towards and incredible orgasm. You can watch this bedtime scene unfold in HD pics and video only at Nubiles.net.

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